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Bike racks for garage - Little kid riding bike

Bike Racks For Garage

bike racks for garage

bike racks for garage - Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars Gorgeous Garage MB Bike Rack

Monkey Bars Gorgeous Garage MB Bike Rack

Monkey Bars have developed a 15 minute installation bike rack that will securely store 6 Mt. Bikes off the garage floor. Only 4 screws into 2 studs 48" apart and you're finished. No longer do you have to hang bikes where studs exist this gives you the versatility to store bikes used less often off the ground and clear up valuable floor space. This rack does not limit you on the size of bike, store kids bikes, road bikes and adult Mt. bikes. Each rack will hold up to 120 lbs. The hooks on the rack can slide side to side, so changing and adding more to the rack is easy. It is comparable to moving and changing the clothes in your closet. The hooks on the Bike Kits can be placed forward and backward for increased capacity. Installs in 15 min. Steel Components all powder coated. Holds 4 to 6 Mt. Bikes. Hooks slide on bar for easy adjustability.

87% (14)

"Bike racks" that make businesses feel good because they offer bike racks

"Bike racks" that make businesses feel good because they offer bike racks

These aren't the absolute worse, but these are a great example of bike racks that are not designed for people to actually lock their bikes up. These are found inside the Downtown YMCA parking garage in Louisville. The one saving grace is that they are within direct view of the parking attendant.

Because of their design these racks actually on safely accommodate (ie allow one to lock a bike in such a way that it is unlikely to get stolen) 2 bikes each, leaving a lot of wasted space and metal.

$30 bike ($72 with new tires and tubes)

$30 bike ($72 with new tires and tubes)

I bought this bike today from a neighbor who was cleaning out his garage. It was originally a 1990 Fuji Tahoe mountain bike. I swapped out the knobbies for slicks and added fenders and cleaned it up. I need to lube it and check the true on one of the wheels, but it rides great. It's for my little brother for college.

bike racks for garage

bike racks for garage

Quad Bike Rack

Quad Bike Rack. Quad storage rack holds 4 bikes vertically in limited space. Bike storage can be a challenge--the bikes get tangled up, tip over, and are hard to separate if you want to use just one. But no more. The quad storage rack fits nearly anywhere--garage, basement, porch, even apartment, anywhere space is limited--to conveniently store and protect up to 4 bikes. Convenient bike storage with no permanent installation required. Our bike rack is freestanding and ready to use right away--no drilling, special mounting or permanent installation needed. And you can move or relocate it whenever and wherever as need be. Brookstone bike storage racks feature sturdy, high-quality construction. Each storage rack is made with an epoxy-coated tubular steel frame to easily support the weight of 4 bicycles. Independent adjustable arms accommodate mens and womens road and mountain bikes and keep them level. Dimensions: 28" w x 39" d x 73" h. Order your freestanding bike storage rack today!

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