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Bicycle Odometer Speedometer

bicycle odometer speedometer



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A friend of mine's boyfriend had his bicycle stolen last week. I remembered that a neighbor had a bike he tried to give me a few weeks ago when we were looking to upgrade Haley's bike. I mentioned it to my friend and she said they'd take it.

Moving onto today, I got the bike from my neighbor's house and though it is old and unused, it is functional and that is what's most important to my friend.

Trouble is, her boyfriend is male, of course, and this Schwinn Varsity 10 speed (I think it's 10 speed!) is for the females.

It's powder blue, has the old, OLD school shifters (see below right of the speedo) and has the slanted down main tube to allow for lady-like mounting and dismounting of the bicycle.

Having said all that, I think it would be cool to know the story of this bike. The 367 miles on the odometer intrigue me. Were they neighborhood miles? After all, these neighbors have lived on my street since before my house (or I) even existed! So their daughter rode around here, I suppose.

I wonder if the bike was a part of her, like Haley's bike is becoming a part of her? Every chance my kids get these days, they're on their bikes. It's pretty awesome to see (though nerve-wracking at times as well).

Anyway, I have some other pictures of this bike to send to my friend. I hope they take it because I don't want it cluttering up my garage. With some TLC, this bike, vintage as it may be, will make someone happy.

Mae Ya Waterfall

Mae Ya Waterfall

We reached this waterfall after driving 120 km on scooters that had broken odometers, speedometers, bicycle tires. We followed a map drawn for us by a man who lived in a world of hallucinations. We traveled through intense heat, humidity, and dust. The first steps into the cool embrace of rushing water were some of the finest moments of my life and the sweet taste of their memories will linger on the palette of my mind for some time to come.

bicycle odometer speedometer

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