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Best Bike Panniers

best bike panniers

best bike panniers - Banjo Brothers

Banjo Brothers Grocery Pannier

Banjo Brothers Grocery Pannier

Banjo Brothers 01080 Grocery Pannier fits standard grocery bags like a glove. It works equally well with plastic bags, or even by itself with built-in shoulder strap and handles. They fold flat when you aren't carrying your dinner and are built to last. The have a 1100 cubic inch capacity or one brown paper grocery bag. The ripstop front and sides are made with ballistic fabric in high-wear areas, and the pannier has an adjustable quick-attach elastic attachment. The plated-steel frame and rigid polymer liner prevent sagging.

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Motorbike Adventures Starcom1 metal mule panniers GS1200 GS 1200 HID lights Xenon LED T10 H7 6000k Autocom intercom

Motorbike Adventures Starcom1 metal mule panniers GS1200  GS 1200 HID lights Xenon LED T10 H7 6000k Autocom intercom

StarCom1 Advance is a universal motorcycle communication system with more...
StarCom1 Advance builds on the success and the experience... The result is a bike system that has no compromise and no competition. Less than half the size of StarCom1, StarCom1 Advance has a dedicated navigation input, user balance control, user selectable sidetones, automatic volume, vox and mic sensitivity, advanced audio quality and advanced microphone noise reduction systems.
>Rider headset
>Passenger headset
>Stereo music input
>Phone input
>Remote control
>Satellite Navigation
>Bike-to-bike radio
StarCom1 Digital is a universal motorcycle communication system with brains...
StarCom1 Digital is the range topping brains of the family, Fully configurable yet fully automatic. The connectivity allows for 2x stereo music system and 2x phone inputs so the rider and passenger can be individual.
The unique digital control system allows: 1) Fully automatic operation; take it out of the box and just use - no controls no adjustments 2) User configuration/programmability of virtually every parameter - customise to your exact requirements.
3) Intelligent noise reduction. The microprocessor control system provides:
> Digitally controlled noise reduction - fully automatic
> Digitally controlled volume - fully automatic
> Digitally controlled mic sensitivity - fully automatic with programmable levels
> Digitally controlled mute control - programmable level and mute time
Levels are monitored and automatically adjusted 100 times per second.

>Rider headset
>Passenger headset
>Rider music input
>Passenger music input
>Rider phone input
>Passenger phone input
>Remote control
>Satellite Navigation
>Bike-to-bike radio

Designed for comfort, safety, performance and value, designed to be the best you can buy:
Standard on all systems:
>Active Noise Reduction
>Intelligent Source Selection
>Helmet plug On/Off
>Auto Volume Level Adjust
>Full Duplex Intercom

Crystal clear at 100mph+ You can't buy better, guaranteed !
> Unrivalled build quality; A strong extruded aluminium case, weatherproof connectors and electronics > Unrivalled performance quality; Voice clarity and music quality at speed, has been proven to be second to none. > Unrivalled ease of use; To converse with your passenger 'just talk' no buttons to press or voice system to trigger, just talk normally, both at the same time. > Unrivalled range of accessories; Our ever growing range of accessories ensure your system fits you and your bike perfectly, you can add new devices e.g. sat nav, ipod etc etc...

My Wheels

My Wheels

So this is my work bike. I shouldn't say workbike really, I guess this is just my bike. I spend a lot of time riding it. At least 10Hrs a week :-) It's just had a bit of an overhaul so I thought I'd post a picture of it whilst it's shiny and I wanted to write down what it's evolved in to. Some of the things that make riding my bike a lot easier have notes on them. For the full list I best go to the garage with a pen and paper... Well I think the only thing I don't know is the model of the wheel rims. Although I've a good idea they are Mavic XC-618. I'll start the list another day...


best bike panniers

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